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The ANZFHS is the Australian affiliate of the KFPS. To register your Friesian horse with the KFPS you must first become a member of the ANZFHS. When you buy a Friesian horse from an Australian or New Zealand breeder the registration papers should be transferred into your name by the seller then sent to you so you can include the transfer fee and send the papers into the ANZFHS. You will then receive new papers, in your name, from the KFPS via the ANZFHS Registrar. You should keep in mind that transfer of KFPS registration is handled by the KFPS and can take some months to compete. All communications with the KFPS MUST be through the ANZFHS.

The sole purpose the ANZFHS exists, according to it's Constitution is:

  1. To maintain the racial purity of the Friesian Horse in Australia and New Zealand

  2. To promote and encourage the breeding and exhibition of Friesian Horses in Australia and New Zealand

It is in the interests of ALL purebred Friesian  owners in Australia and New Zealand to become active members of the ANZFHS and to support the ANZFHS in it's endeavours. It is also your right as a member of the ANZFHS to expect full support from the ANZFHS with regard to breeding and showing and gaining class inclusions at shows. The effectiveness of the ANZFHS in promoting the breeding and exhibition of Friesian Horses in Australia and New Zealand is directly influenced by the support and participation of it's members, so if you as a member are not happy with the level of support from the ANZFHS or the direction it is taking it is up to you to take a more active role and become involved and voice your concerns. Don't expect your concerns to be addressed if you are not prepared to voice them. Active participation by ALL members is the key to a strong society and the ANZFHS is no different to all other societies so please take an active role in YOUR Society.

The ANZFHS has a web site, a link to which is shown below. There is information about the breed, a number of breeders and contact details.



Note: This is a private site and this page (and site)  is in no way officially connected to the ANZFHS or the KFPS. The information on this page (and site) has been gathered from sources in the Public Domain and therefore does not breach any confidentialities. 


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