The KFPS is the world registering body for Friesian horses and is the Netherland's oldest and second largest studbook. Total number of horses registered worldwide was 25,000 in 1998. Approximately 19,000 of which were in the Netherlands. Today the number of registered Friesians is closer to 40,000.


In the 1960's the Friesian horse was threatened with extinction. At that time only 500 of the breed were registered in the studbook. Thanks to the efforts of certain breeders that remained loyal to the breed, these horses were not crossed with other breeds. This means that we still have pure Friesian horses to this day. Due to the rising interest in combined competition and dressage sport in the 1970's as well as to the increasing prosperity and leisure time that people enjoyed the Friesian horse emerged again. The demand for this unique breed increased and step by step the Friesian horse came forth from its Dutch province to enter the wide world. It first conquered the rest of the Netherlands and then spread to countries over the Dutch border. At this time there are Friesian horse associations in: Austria, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, North America, South Africa, Sweden, and Switzerland.

The KFPS attends to the studbook administration for the entire world, thus guarding the interests of the breed. The organisation also works closely with breeding associations operating under the auspices of the KFPS in other countries. To serve the interest of the Friesian horse throughout the world, the cooperative organisation known as the World Friesian Horse Organisation was founded. Within this organisation, KFPS and the foreign associations work together on a worldwide basis to encourage the breeding of purebred Friesian horses according to the regulations of the KFPS. Important in this regard was the recognition by the European Union of the KFPS as being the Parent Studbook on 31st March 1995. Meanwhile, both the Dutch and foreign breeding associations, as well as many other associations are continuing their efforts within their own areas toward providing the breed with greater recognition and improving the quality of the breeding stock.  


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